What is G/G Express Delivery LLC?

  • Glad you asked. We are somewhere between a courier service and freight delivery company.   We’re able to help you move, pick-up or haul your items from one location to another and even pick up items and deliver from retail stores.

Why should we use your transportation company?

  • What makes our company unique is the fact that we’re a  courier and delivery freight transportation company.  We have the ability to service both businesses and individuals with small packages pickup or large item deliveries.

What items can you deliver? 

  • We deliver a variety of small and large items, bulk packages. Often times some of our deliveries originate at businesses and even customers who need small apartments and/offices moved.  G/G Express Delivery LLC is here to help meet your needs.

How far can you go to deliver or pick-up?

Great questions.  We can pick up and deliver items from across town, city to city right now as we continue to grow.

Are my items safe?

Yes, absolutely.  We are insured and bonded.  Protecting your items is as important to us as it is to you.  We value our customers.

What if I need help packing when I move?

Not a problem. For an additional charge, we can accommodate you, if requested when your order is placed.

Are your drivers qualified? 

We hire only the best with safe driving records.  Our drivers are professional and courteous.